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Our law firm was formed by lawyers who are among the most qualified and successful lemon law lawyers that used to represent one of the Big 3 auto manufacturers since 1993, but now serve consumers in Lemon Law cases in New York.

With lawyers who have experience practicing lemon law claims since 1993, we have successfully handled thousands of cases. Our Binghamton lemon law lawyers have the unique resources of knowing how the automakers value their cases and how to get the most compensation for the consumer.

Binghamton Lemon Law Lawyer Partner: Louis P. Moglia

Binghamton  lemon law lawyerLouis P. Moglia is of counsel to the firm. He handles the firm’s Binghamton and New Jersey cases. He is admitted to practice law in both New York and New Jersey. He earned a BA in History from Providence College in 1998 and a law degree from Rutgers School of Law in 2001. He learned how to try cases at a midsized firm on Wall Street in Manhattan. From there he went on to open his own firm in his home state of New Jersey.

Over the past eight years he has conducted well over one hundred trials in the New Jersey Superior Court and has successfully negotiated many settlements. He is a strong advocate for his clients and works tirelessly to preserve their rights. His affable personality and knowledge of the law and court rules have made him well liked by his clients and respected by his adversaries and the judiciary.


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Our firm has helped clients get all of their money back, and the attorney fees paid for by the Manufacturer, NOT YOU. Call Toll-Free: 1-888-744-5099, or Fill Out “REQUEST A CALLBACK” form for your free case review.

How It Works

In most cases, we can represent you by phone. After your first consultation, your Binghamton lemon law lawyer will outline all of the documentation required to proceed with your claim (service records, warranty, etc.). In circumstances where documentation is not accessible, we can help to obtain it from your dealer or manufacturer on your behalf. After that, we negotiate to get you the largest settlement possible.

Common Questions:

Can I continue to drive my car?

Yes, if your car is still safe to drive, you can continue to use your vehicle until your case is settled.

What do I get?

If your car is found to be a lemon, you can get a reimbursement or vehicle repurchased, including your down payment, trade in, monthly payments and taxes, – minus a small usage fee.

Do I pay Attorney Fees?

No. You never pay any fees if we don’t win. And if you qualify for the Lemon Law, the way most Lemon Law statutes work, the manufacturer may have to pay your attorney’s fees.

Why Choose Our Lemon Cars Lawyers?

Our lemon lawyers team have handled thousands of cases since 1993. We have to tools and knowledge to make sure your case is a successful one. If your car is not under the warranty, we will help you find the best legal solution to your automobile problem.

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